Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creative Destruction of Junk

Keeping up with you guys is so hard! I've definitely been slacking, but I have not stopped being creative. Never that! So you'll never guess what this is...or maybe you will...

It's one of the sad little bottom inserts of old dresser drawers!!
The dresser was falling apart, I'd had it for 3 years and that's a lot from a "Target RE" piece that I sloppily put together myself! Now guess what I did with it...

Oh yeah! I took all 6, sanded them, painted them white, and so far have painted 4 of them as funky art pieces! One is me and my hubby's favorite line in the corn ball movie "Blades of Glory" ahaha! (Oh boy, excuse my paint abused balcony...I gotta fix that!)

By the way, I used every piece of the dresser!! Even the frame! I'll show what I did with that once I actually do something with it...right now it's hidden but still functioning appropriately.

So what do you think? I'm so happy that I was able to find use for my own junk! I have such an obsession with bringing others peoples junk home, it was cool to find a project right here. Lol!

Now I just have to put them up! The entry way to my living room is the best place...the paintings fit on either side of the doorway perfectly. See! I measured, leveled, and taped where two of the paintings will go, the two others will go on top. (This is just one side of my hall, entryway on the right)

Okay! Super tired! Gonna go scrape the filling out of some Oreo's and climb on my couch to work on Roberta! Nite!

Kisses and Cupcakes

Friday, February 10, 2012

So Ready!!

I'm so excited to finally be taking the plunge into the deep waters of creative blogging! I haven't been that faithful to my previous blog so hopefully I will be far better at it this time around... to both of my blogs, now that I'm a stay at home mom of two...temporarily! I cant stay at home forever, but while I'm here I'm going to make the most of my time and have fun bringing creativity and color while sharing. There are so many talented women in the blog world that I cant wait to get to know and share with! So, with all that said...look out for my first sharing of creativity coming very soon!!!

Kisses and Cupcakes