Monday, March 31, 2014

FACES - TymetheInfamous Inspired!

This weekend......
Not a damn thing! Lol. All I did was relax and play in makeup! Tons of sleep, lots of yummy eats, and of course a ton of shopping. But shopping is part of my being that's neither work nor just is. 
I am a huge fan of youtube beauty gurus and I want to start my own youtube channel very very soon. I want to inspire and educate young women just like some of my favorites have been able to do for me. I think I'd be great at it!! For now I'll stick with the blogging, but boy I can't wait!!! Will you watch me when I'm uploaded?! Anyhow, one guru I really enjoy watching is TymetheInfamous. She's really unique. She's got her own style, and she doesn't follow a lot of rules when it comes to makeup or hair. She had to grow on me at first, but I'm glad she did. She posted a picture on instagram and I couldn't stop staring at her eyes. I don't know why but I really loved that deep blue-ish purple color. So I decided to recreate the look on myself. It came out awesome!!! But I could never wear the look out in public. It's way to much for. Regardless, I appreciate the beauty of it. How did I do?!
I love how I set these pictures up and it looks like she's in the corner on some "Betch Whet" mode. Lmao! It came out great! But that wasn't the only look I did for the weekend. Soon after that fun I decided I wanted to be a peachy golden sparkly goddess! Check it out! 
Both looks were done with BH Cosmetics Cali pallets! Those colors are so crazy pigmented!! Love it! Especially the yellow.I tried using yellow from Morphe Brushes and no matter how hard I tried and what primer I used I couldn't get good color from it. The orange in the crease and outer v is from Morphe Brushes and that came out awesome! Super bright. I had to blend it out for a long time after packing it on. So each company is amazing in their own way! 
I posted pic collages because there were so many angles I wanted to share and I didn't want this to be a crazy pic heavy post.

Thanks for sharing this Pretty Moment with me!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RCCosmetics - Royal Crown Cosmetics Brush Haul!!

If you read the last blog post, you know I was having a moment. I just had to spill it and got side tracked! But I'm back and ready to dish about these really cute brushes!!!! Cute is all I can say about them at the moment because I haven't gotten the chance to play with them just yet. I pretty much shop every single day, if not for my household, then for myself. It's horrible I know, but I save money like nobodies business. You go buy over 100 DIFFERENT (yeah different) nail polishes for $0.00 and you can say you shop daily too. Because of that, these got stuffed to the back of my vanity drawer. Im a mess!! I shop often but I save big and spend pennies! These Royal Care Cosmetics brushes are a perfect example of me saving big bucks, so I can stack my paper for a later day. Summer vacation money isn't just going to fall from the sky!
So I heard a ton about the company and I started following them on Instagram  ://
Not long after that I went on their site and made a purchase. Full cart...Visa...South Boston... ORDERED. Ahahaha. No seriously though. I had heard so many awesome things about them and I was too excited to get my hands on some. I heard they were comparable to Sigma and MAC brushes. WHAT?! Nuff said! We all know how expensive MAC brushes are, and though Sigma are a close comparison at a cheaper price they are still a little too much for me to feel good about buying them. I know the tools are just as important as the product, but damn. I don't know..... I just can't justify it. If I have any MAC or Sigma brushes, it's because they were a gift because that's the only way I'll be happy to have either. As fast as I ordered you'd think I would be just as fast to open them. But like I said, I have a problem with shopping faster than I can actually get to use my things. Anyhow, I finally got around to running my hands through them today and I'm in love and just hoping I'll still be in love after I use them.

What I got:
The 12 Piece Professional Makeup brush set $17.95
The Premium 4 Piece Synthetic Kabuki brush set $19.95
The 4 Piece Face Synthetic brush set $9.65
Can you believe those prices? The price of one set will get you a Sigma brush and double the price of one set and you've got a MAC brush! + + + +
First impressions:

Smell - Like paint or paint thinner. A smell I'm super familiar with because My apartment gets painted almost once a year. Actually (just took a sniff) that might even be a bug spray smell. Urg! That could easily just be the stuff it's packed with to keep moisture out. But still...urg! Lol

Look - They're beautiful, with the exception of one brush. I'm not quite sure what it would be used for....maybe a lip brush. We'll see.
They are so pretty with matte black and silver handles and the brush fibers have a pretty dark grey color with light grey tips or brown color with white tips. Gorge.
Feel - They are super lightweight and easy to handle.
The bristles on these brushes make me want to sit and just brush myself non stop. They are so smooth, they just melt on your skin! Love!
They are also very dense! I can already tell how well they are going to perform with applying foundation, contouring and concealer application! OMG, I'm already excited (just tapped a brush on my hand)!

Shedding - So far...none! I can see a few hairs that are longer than the rest so I'm not sure if it's just that or future shed. We'll see after I wash them.
Overall Quality - These brushes are the business! I'm in love and as soon as I finish typing this up and taking pics I'm going to give them a scrub so I can use them later this week. Then I'll be able to give a review on performance! I'm already convinced I'll love them even more.  

Royal Care Cosmetics Pro Brush Sets:  B++ pending use

Thanks so much for having this Pretty Moment with me!!! Now this one was a long one! Can you imagine if this was a video, I'd be going on for days...smh.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Reese's the Siren!

Today is a No Bueno kind of day!! I didn't get go out with my coupons like the old lady I am on the inside and I'm having withdrawals! I almost went to the Target that's 5 minutes away from me even if it is 9pm, dark, and there is guaranteed to be no parking when I come back. It's that serious! ALSO....I'm back on team #FatToFit and it's going well. I'm usually very disciplined and I really feel like losing weight is easy, keeping it off is hard. Anyway, today I had a road bump and it's actually because of my couponing addiction. I have Reese's coupons! Free candy, well why not...wait no! I know why not, cause my ass will be tempted to eat them. Sitting in my kitchen cabinet looking all good. I ate those damn Reese's candy eggs and used my dinner calories. So I had a decision to make, dry salad for dinner. Maybe a little apple cider vinegar on top....OR dinner as planned with an impromptu workout to make up for my bad behavior. Urg! Neither sounds good. The struggle is truly real and I'm still deciding.
Funny thing, I didn't even log on to write about my days mess, I actually wanted to write about something PRETTY and girly. Guess blog number two will happen right after this!

Ending this posting with this: I have so much to be grateful for and pleased with in my world, in this day even, that a slip up to those seductive ass Reese's easter egg candies is not that serious. I got this. Team #FatToFit till it's tight!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

FOTN - Bronzy Glow and a Double Winged Liner

Hey boo! Lol. So I'm excited to be experimenting with makeup. I promised myself to just always be TRYING and always be OPEN to something different. In order to get better I have to be daring!! So if I don't have to, I won't repeat a product, that way I can say I know how to use different methods of makeup application. Last night I tried a double winged liner and it was really cute. I kept it small and simple for my first time. Funny enough I wasn't even aiming to do a double but as I was building up a large winged liner I stopped and was like, "Hey, this is ca-uuuute". (Countess Vaughn voice)
I like how this look came out. It's very bronzy wit ha little gold tone on the eye and a deep mauve-ish color on the cheeks. The bronze/gold color on the lips was the icing on the cake. I felt like a sexy Ms. Cleo, or a regal African Queen! Check out the pics! Product list below as well.

Thanks for checking me out!!! I love sharing these Pretty Moments with you. I don't care if this gets 2 views. That's two people who actually care to stop and see things through my eyes and I love you for that!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Organizing.....My Life

It's been so hard to focus and blog lately. It's so true that when your surroundings are hectic, so is your way of thinking. At least that's the truest truth for me! Because of my hectic mindset I haven't been able to do one PRETTY thing. Well, that's a lie....I have been doing my nails. But that's because I do them on my bed in front of my tv almost mindlessly. I don't have to see all the crazy going on around me when I zone in on my nails with an episode of Scandal! I wish I had snapped photos of the mess my room was in. It was terrifying!! Clothes were everywhere, product strewn across my vanity like a wild animal had taken a tour of my room! Popcorn in my bed from lazy nights watching movies with my little family all squeezing in. Boxes full of things I've ordered and haven't gotten to putting them away, mostly because I don't have the proper storage. For example, my nail polish collection has sprouted a head and started talking to's MONSTROUS! I need to order my nail polish wall rack, but I'm being cheap  (makes no sense).

So that is my lame excuse for why my ass can't type up a posting and share something pretty. Lol
I am thinking of trying my hand at ombre nails! I was inspired by my tiny beauty and her coloring skills....on my wall. While I was scrubbing it off I thought up a look in my head, so we'll see!

PSA: this was not a Pretty Moment...sorry!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

OOTD - Casual Family Sunday Dinner

Heading over to the family's home for Sunday dinner.....
Not going to pretend I'm excited, but you do a lot in the name of love! Lol. I would love to show up in my leggings, hair in a pony, and a pair of Jordans, but that wouldn't be nice. A lot of work goes into a great meal and beautiful presentation so its only right for me to make the effort to show my appreciation while in attendance. Starting with my outfit. Going very casual while still looking a little put together. Wanna see?!! Check out the picks below. Every piece will be listed as well.

Thank you for checking me out, girl!! Though short, I hope you enjoyed this PrettyMoment in time.

btw...sorry for the poor picture quality. They were shamefully taken with my iPad because I was too lazy to take out the DSLR. Sorry!

 Vest - from Forever 21
Bought on clearance + extra 50% off. $6.50 
No longer for sale. :-(
Hunter Green Jeans - from Rainbow
Clearance find $7 .00 :-)
 White long sleeve t-shirt - From Target
Found on clearance for $3.00 :-)
Necklace - from
$1.00!!! :-) :-)
No longer for sale, but here's something similar! Heart Necklace

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Kiss Me Like XO" Nail Art!!

Been really focused on my nails lately. I think it's because it's so easy to just shut everything down, put on my DVR, and just zone out with nail art and nail polish all around me. a few night s this week I finished up my nails and looked at my phone to find out it was after 3am!!!! How does that happen?!

With all that said.....I am TIRED! So todays little dose of Pretty is going to be a short but sweet one.
I was feeling extra pink and blingy. I used silver and pale pink "caviar"for my middle finger. Deep pink glitter on my thumbs, a cute sparkle for my ring finger, and a cute set of pink pierced lips on the ring finger just to be gaudy and extra! Hope you like it and find inspiration here.

Thanks for having this Pretty Moment with me, even if it is a short one.

Product list below.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wet N' Wild w/ Coupon Haul

Ok, so check this out! I am a serious couponer. I mean real serious!! I like to, no I LOVE to save money! The less money I spend on groceries, or cosmetics, and all the other important things in our life....the more I can save for later. I ran out to Rite Aid after doing my research and clipping for my life! I had coupons for $1.00 of of any Wet N' Wild product and Rite Aid was having a sale to buy one get one 50% off! So a $0.99 lip pencil is FREE! Same goes for the $0.99 nail polishes and the $0.99 sheen lipsticks! If I had stuck to just those items everything would have been free. But I also wanted some of the amazing Wet N' Wild super pigmented MegaLast lipsticks! Those were $1.99. No biggie though I got 5 of those and one makeup remover solution that cost $1.99 and with one coupon for each item it came up to..........$3.00!!!!! 52 Wet N' Wild products for $3.00! I was all too excited. And just to put the icing on the cake the lady at the register was super patient, very nice without being to conversational, and was about her business!! She took my coupons just as serious as I did. #Grateful
I grabbed some ReNu contact solution that was $9.99 and used a $1.50 off coupon, Visine for $5.29 and I used a coupon for $2.00 off plus an in store coupon for $1.50 off and I picked up a little snack. Not a bad day!
Momma and daddy can take the babies on a nice summer vacation this year because I know how to cut me some coupons! Don't be afraid to save...get your coupon on too! 

It was a short one, but you still came to have this Pretty Moment with me. Thanks!

Monday, March 10, 2014

My First Winged Liner...Semi Fail!

Yes! I did a winged liner! I am not ashamed to say I had never done one on myself before. I mean, I may have on a small scale, but whatever I had done in the past was nothing compared to the look I had yesterday. Check out the picture down below!

 Ahahahaha! I can't help but burst into laughter when I see these pictures! Yesterday was also my first time wearing contacts for a full day. Obviously I think I have to be bug eyed and alien-ish to take a picture! Don't ask me why, it was an automatic reflex. I am going to try my hardest to master this, cause that ain't cute. Girl! Plus I spent too much money on those contacts and another pair so I'm wearing them! I have to get my moneys worth, lol!
Anyway, as you can see....My liner is poppin, my liner is hot <---(Lil Mama's "My Lipgloss" tune) hehe!
Yeah, it looks awesome. The way it performs is a whole different story. Urg! So I used the KLEANCOLOR eyeshadow pot in #08 Galaxy. Yes the shadows I had previously written about that did not set. Wh yI thought it would be different on my eyes than it was in the swatch....I don't know. I'd be lying if I gave you a reason. It was a mess! I have very heavy eyelids and there isn't a lot of space there to play with. SO when I do this look again it is going to have to be absolutely smudge proof. Every time I looked up or down or sideways, hell if I blinked the liner transferred from the lash line to my eyelid. Every time I looked in a mirror it appeared as if I had given myself a cut crease. It wasn't ugly....but that wasn't the look I was going for. Talk about being angry and being that annoying girl in the room constantly checking my makeup in my compact or phone. Towards the end of the day I had gone from having a winged liner over a soft mauve-y pink lid to having a winged liner over a dark purple eye because I had to keep smudging and blending out the transfer. Not fun!

All in all, I loved how I looked, but I will never use the KLEANCOLOR eyeshadow pot as a liner again. As soon as I was able I went out and picked up a few different options to redo the look in the future. I was so proud of how it came out for a first time. I was never confident that a winged liner would be a good look for my face. Guess I was wrong. What do you think? Yay, or nay?!

I'm glad you came by for this Pretty Moment. Can't wait to share a million more!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

LA Girl Pro Concealers ( Haul)

Hey!!! It's time for a Pretty Moment..... get your browser ready, you're going to want to make an order immediately after this!!

So, as the title says, I went to and I picked up the L.A Girl Pro Concealers among other things. I have been hearing about these things everywhere! If you are beauty obsessed like me, a Youtube fan or blogger, or an instagram junkie you have seen these little tubes of awesomeness. We know at this point, I am a budget-nista (my word, I made it up, lol) and I love to be SUPER FLY on a budget, but there is no way a girl can stack her coin if she's always spending it up, right?!! At this website you can buy each color of the concealers in one set for $35.82 but its on sale now for $31.99! If you are a makeup artist then thats a great purchase for your kit. I bought 6 different shades for my personal use and they cost $1.99 per tube. Love it!!! I wanted to find out what shade I was and I also wanted to have a few extra for conturing and highlighting. 

It's been said more than a few times that the L.A. Girl Pro Concealers are a dupe <---I can't stand that word.....correction: they are comparable if not better than the MAC Pro Longwear Concealers. I have played with the MAC concealer but have never owned one for myself and you already know why. As much as I use concealer, I'm not willing to spend so much for the tube to be gone by the months end. Not that I don't love MAC! Get me talking about their lipstick and its another story. 

After swatching the 6 that I picked out I can immediately see why they are a favorite in the beauty blogging community. I can see a use for each shade, even the darker ones for when I unwillingly and unrecognizably tan during the summer. The blend is beautiful, the finish is so smooth, and with a setting powder I am sure that my bags will stay camouflaged and flawless all day. Been looking for something like this forever. Its cheap, it looks like it'll last as long as I need it to, and it looks like it won't crease. My next post will be a full face so you can see how well this concealer performs. I might contour with it as well. Check out the pic below to see what else I got at!!

Thanks for having this Pretty Moment with me! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

KLEANCOLOR Nail Polish Fun!

Gonna make this Pretty Moment a quick one. Mostly photos...who's mad at that though?! I got so much stuff when I went on a shopping spree that I have to make multiple posts about it! Lol. I'm happy to say this is the last from that box...but there is another soon to come (since I'm addicted to the site) so lets get straight to this one right away! Here come the colorful photo's of my ratchet nails, and no I don't care. What I do care about tho, is making sure you get to see the color and performance of the polishes. Don't be looking at my cuticles, girl!!! And because I said don't, you will. That's ok. As long as you leave this page feeling like you've learned something...I am happy. So now REALLY....on to the nail polish!!!


Awesome right? And for only a dollar......I'm  pretty sure I'm going to own every polish on the site! I hope you go and get some for yourself to! And with that said, thank you so much for stopping in to have this Pretty Moment with me. I hope we share a million more. 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Swatches! KLEANCOLOR Eyeshadow Pots!

After digging through my box and getting excited over the number of awesome products I was able to get for the amazing price of 1 buck a piece, I swatched the eyeshadow pots by KLEANCOLOR. Automatic habit for the beauty obsessed, of course! I grabbed a brush and started swiping. I smoothed them all on heavy and was so excited to see how the colors were true to the pot itself. I was all too excited! I couldn't believe how great they were for the price. After staring at my arm like a kid in a candy store for a few mins, I tested the wear of each color.

Oh no!! They smudged....I could paint all the way around my arm with one swipe. What the heck!!!! They never dried.
#TeamDisappointed, without a doubt. These were nothing like my Maybelline Color Tattoos!!! But I'm not one to waste money and I refuse to let a purchase go to waste. After experimenting I realized that they were not a lost cause after all. With the KLEANCOLOR  eyeshadow pots you have to start light and build. That way you get a smooth finish and no smudging after you think all your work is done. The color will be a little lighter than the pot and somewhat iridescent but that's not a bad thing.

After playing around a bit I did find one way to get the eyeshadow pots to be true to color. This is something I have never done before, and it seems a little odd. But of course there is nothing new under the sun and I'm sure it's been done before, or maybe not. Anyway....I set the eyeshadow with finishing powder!! After that...the color could be put on heavy and thick and set to a true to pot finish and no smudging. That got me happy again!

All in all, I love the range of colors I can get from one pot. These definitely won't be a go to set of shadows but I'm no bothered by the bump in the road... Why?! Because you get what you pay for sometimes and they were only a dollar! The pics tell it all!

Thanks for having this Pretty Moment with me. Latah!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MissA Haul!!!! (

First things first. I have been trying to discipline myself and really get focused on blogging and keeping track of what's going on in my life creatively. I haven't been successful but I won't stop trying!! Home life is so hectic, by the time I get a moment to sit and focus on myself all I want to do is poor a drink and catch up on my awesomely trash filled reality tv DVR list! With all that said, back to the good stuff. It's time for a Pretty Moment!

MissA!!! Coolest website ever! First reason being because I am a true budget-nista. I love finding a great deal and I cringe at spending a ton of my $$$ if it isn't necessary, or limited edition, or I just can't live without. I have to be crushing on something for a while to spend big. My little sis in beauty, who is as cheap as I am, put me on to this site and I'm so glad she did. On this website they have a ton of great stuff, like fun eyeshadows, different lashes to test out, really cute jewelry and hair accessories. But that's not the best part.......everything, seriously EVERYTHING, is $1.00!!!!!

Each set of lashes, each ring, each eyeshadow pot, lip pencil, lipstick $1.00. Of course I went a little crazy. I was excited to try different products that I haven't tried in the past because I didn't want to spend a ton on something I wasn't familiar with. And I bought more than enough nail polish to change my nail color daily. Have a look at what I got....then go and try some things for yourself. Why wouldn't anyone want 5 new products for the price of a Venti Soy Vanilla Skinny Latte? Sold right?!

MissA has a flat rate shipping of $3.95 for purchases shipped to the U.S. How awesome is that?! I don't know about anyone else but I love knowing exactly what I'm going to have to spend before I spend it. So you can go in with your budget and know just how much to have available for shipping. Can you tell I'm a fan? Shipping took exactly 3 days and everything was so nicely packaged and protected. One nail polish did happened to come open during shipping, but because it was individually wrapped it didn't get all over everything else. 

Ok, I'm officially done raving about my first purchase at I shamefully took a break from writing this post to go back and shop some more. When I got the first haul a lot of things were out of stock....yay I got em and more this time!! I'll be sure to share that bundle as well! 

Thanks for taking the time to have a Pretty Moment with me! Keep scrolling, there are pictures!

I picked up 14 different nail colors. I didn't notice until now how many shades of green I picked. They're so pretty!
Dual lip/eye pencils. 2 in one!!
 And look at these super cute 3D nail are finds! I'm in love with the rhinestone "LV" charm. Found 12 nail caviar pots and some cute rings. That "Love" ring tho.....
10 Lashes!!! 11 amazing cream color eyeshadow pots! My favorite are the "Fuchsia" and the purple...odly named "Violet". Weird. Lastly, how cute is this infinity bracelet and "A" chain!