Monday, March 31, 2014

FACES - TymetheInfamous Inspired!

This weekend......
Not a damn thing! Lol. All I did was relax and play in makeup! Tons of sleep, lots of yummy eats, and of course a ton of shopping. But shopping is part of my being that's neither work nor just is. 
I am a huge fan of youtube beauty gurus and I want to start my own youtube channel very very soon. I want to inspire and educate young women just like some of my favorites have been able to do for me. I think I'd be great at it!! For now I'll stick with the blogging, but boy I can't wait!!! Will you watch me when I'm uploaded?! Anyhow, one guru I really enjoy watching is TymetheInfamous. She's really unique. She's got her own style, and she doesn't follow a lot of rules when it comes to makeup or hair. She had to grow on me at first, but I'm glad she did. She posted a picture on instagram and I couldn't stop staring at her eyes. I don't know why but I really loved that deep blue-ish purple color. So I decided to recreate the look on myself. It came out awesome!!! But I could never wear the look out in public. It's way to much for. Regardless, I appreciate the beauty of it. How did I do?!
I love how I set these pictures up and it looks like she's in the corner on some "Betch Whet" mode. Lmao! It came out great! But that wasn't the only look I did for the weekend. Soon after that fun I decided I wanted to be a peachy golden sparkly goddess! Check it out! 
Both looks were done with BH Cosmetics Cali pallets! Those colors are so crazy pigmented!! Love it! Especially the yellow.I tried using yellow from Morphe Brushes and no matter how hard I tried and what primer I used I couldn't get good color from it. The orange in the crease and outer v is from Morphe Brushes and that came out awesome! Super bright. I had to blend it out for a long time after packing it on. So each company is amazing in their own way! 
I posted pic collages because there were so many angles I wanted to share and I didn't want this to be a crazy pic heavy post.

Thanks for sharing this Pretty Moment with me!!!!

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