Friday, March 7, 2014

KLEANCOLOR Nail Polish Fun!

Gonna make this Pretty Moment a quick one. Mostly photos...who's mad at that though?! I got so much stuff when I went on a shopping spree that I have to make multiple posts about it! Lol. I'm happy to say this is the last from that box...but there is another soon to come (since I'm addicted to the site) so lets get straight to this one right away! Here come the colorful photo's of my ratchet nails, and no I don't care. What I do care about tho, is making sure you get to see the color and performance of the polishes. Don't be looking at my cuticles, girl!!! And because I said don't, you will. That's ok. As long as you leave this page feeling like you've learned something...I am happy. So now REALLY....on to the nail polish!!!


Awesome right? And for only a dollar......I'm  pretty sure I'm going to own every polish on the site! I hope you go and get some for yourself to! And with that said, thank you so much for stopping in to have this Pretty Moment with me. I hope we share a million more. 


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