Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MissA Haul!!!! (ShopMissA.com)

First things first. I have been trying to discipline myself and really get focused on blogging and keeping track of what's going on in my life creatively. I haven't been successful but I won't stop trying!! Home life is so hectic, by the time I get a moment to sit and focus on myself all I want to do is poor a drink and catch up on my awesomely trash filled reality tv DVR list! With all that said, back to the good stuff. It's time for a Pretty Moment!

MissA!!! Coolest website ever! First reason being because I am a true budget-nista. I love finding a great deal and I cringe at spending a ton of my $$$ if it isn't necessary, or limited edition, or I just can't live without. I have to be crushing on something for a while to spend big. My little sis in beauty, who is as cheap as I am, put me on to this site and I'm so glad she did. On this website they have a ton of great stuff, like fun eyeshadows, different lashes to test out, really cute jewelry and hair accessories. But that's not the best part.......everything, seriously EVERYTHING, is $1.00!!!!!

Each set of lashes, each ring, each eyeshadow pot, lip pencil, lipstick $1.00. Of course I went a little crazy. I was excited to try different products that I haven't tried in the past because I didn't want to spend a ton on something I wasn't familiar with. And I bought more than enough nail polish to change my nail color daily. Have a look at what I got....then go and try some things for yourself. Why wouldn't anyone want 5 new products for the price of a Venti Soy Vanilla Skinny Latte? Sold right?!

MissA has a flat rate shipping of $3.95 for purchases shipped to the U.S. How awesome is that?! I don't know about anyone else but I love knowing exactly what I'm going to have to spend before I spend it. So you can go in with your budget and know just how much to have available for shipping. Can you tell I'm a fan? Shipping took exactly 3 days and everything was so nicely packaged and protected. One nail polish did happened to come open during shipping, but because it was individually wrapped it didn't get all over everything else. 

Ok, I'm officially done raving about my first purchase at ShopMissA.com. I shamefully took a break from writing this post to go back and shop some more. When I got the first haul a lot of things were out of stock....yay I got em and more this time!! I'll be sure to share that bundle as well! 

Thanks for taking the time to have a Pretty Moment with me! Keep scrolling, there are pictures!

I picked up 14 different nail colors. I didn't notice until now how many shades of green I picked. They're so pretty!
Dual lip/eye pencils. 2 in one!!
 And look at these super cute 3D nail are finds! I'm in love with the rhinestone "LV" charm. Found 12 nail caviar pots and some cute rings. That "Love" ring tho.....
10 Lashes!!! 11 amazing cream color eyeshadow pots! My favorite are the "Fuchsia" and the purple...odly named "Violet". Weird. Lastly, how cute is this infinity bracelet and "A" chain! 

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