Sunday, March 16, 2014

OOTD - Casual Family Sunday Dinner

Heading over to the family's home for Sunday dinner.....
Not going to pretend I'm excited, but you do a lot in the name of love! Lol. I would love to show up in my leggings, hair in a pony, and a pair of Jordans, but that wouldn't be nice. A lot of work goes into a great meal and beautiful presentation so its only right for me to make the effort to show my appreciation while in attendance. Starting with my outfit. Going very casual while still looking a little put together. Wanna see?!! Check out the picks below. Every piece will be listed as well.

Thank you for checking me out, girl!! Though short, I hope you enjoyed this PrettyMoment in time.

btw...sorry for the poor picture quality. They were shamefully taken with my iPad because I was too lazy to take out the DSLR. Sorry!

 Vest - from Forever 21
Bought on clearance + extra 50% off. $6.50 
No longer for sale. :-(
Hunter Green Jeans - from Rainbow
Clearance find $7 .00 :-)
 White long sleeve t-shirt - From Target
Found on clearance for $3.00 :-)
Necklace - from
$1.00!!! :-) :-)
No longer for sale, but here's something similar! Heart Necklace

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