Saturday, March 22, 2014

Organizing.....My Life

It's been so hard to focus and blog lately. It's so true that when your surroundings are hectic, so is your way of thinking. At least that's the truest truth for me! Because of my hectic mindset I haven't been able to do one PRETTY thing. Well, that's a lie....I have been doing my nails. But that's because I do them on my bed in front of my tv almost mindlessly. I don't have to see all the crazy going on around me when I zone in on my nails with an episode of Scandal! I wish I had snapped photos of the mess my room was in. It was terrifying!! Clothes were everywhere, product strewn across my vanity like a wild animal had taken a tour of my room! Popcorn in my bed from lazy nights watching movies with my little family all squeezing in. Boxes full of things I've ordered and haven't gotten to putting them away, mostly because I don't have the proper storage. For example, my nail polish collection has sprouted a head and started talking to's MONSTROUS! I need to order my nail polish wall rack, but I'm being cheap  (makes no sense).

So that is my lame excuse for why my ass can't type up a posting and share something pretty. Lol
I am thinking of trying my hand at ombre nails! I was inspired by my tiny beauty and her coloring skills....on my wall. While I was scrubbing it off I thought up a look in my head, so we'll see!

PSA: this was not a Pretty Moment...sorry!

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