Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RCCosmetics - Royal Crown Cosmetics Brush Haul!!

If you read the last blog post, you know I was having a moment. I just had to spill it and got side tracked! But I'm back and ready to dish about these really cute brushes!!!! Cute is all I can say about them at the moment because I haven't gotten the chance to play with them just yet. I pretty much shop every single day, if not for my household, then for myself. It's horrible I know, but I save money like nobodies business. You go buy over 100 DIFFERENT (yeah different) nail polishes for $0.00 and you can say you shop daily too. Because of that, these got stuffed to the back of my vanity drawer. Im a mess!! I shop often but I save big and spend pennies! These Royal Care Cosmetics brushes are a perfect example of me saving big bucks, so I can stack my paper for a later day. Summer vacation money isn't just going to fall from the sky!
So I heard a ton about the company and I started following them on Instagram  ://
Not long after that I went on their site and made a purchase. Full cart...Visa...South Boston... ORDERED. Ahahaha. No seriously though. I had heard so many awesome things about them and I was too excited to get my hands on some. I heard they were comparable to Sigma and MAC brushes. WHAT?! Nuff said! We all know how expensive MAC brushes are, and though Sigma are a close comparison at a cheaper price they are still a little too much for me to feel good about buying them. I know the tools are just as important as the product, but damn. I don't know..... I just can't justify it. If I have any MAC or Sigma brushes, it's because they were a gift because that's the only way I'll be happy to have either. As fast as I ordered you'd think I would be just as fast to open them. But like I said, I have a problem with shopping faster than I can actually get to use my things. Anyhow, I finally got around to running my hands through them today and I'm in love and just hoping I'll still be in love after I use them.

What I got:
The 12 Piece Professional Makeup brush set $17.95
The Premium 4 Piece Synthetic Kabuki brush set $19.95
The 4 Piece Face Synthetic brush set $9.65
Can you believe those prices? The price of one set will get you a Sigma brush and double the price of one set and you've got a MAC brush! + + + +
First impressions:

Smell - Like paint or paint thinner. A smell I'm super familiar with because My apartment gets painted almost once a year. Actually (just took a sniff) that might even be a bug spray smell. Urg! That could easily just be the stuff it's packed with to keep moisture out. But still...urg! Lol

Look - They're beautiful, with the exception of one brush. I'm not quite sure what it would be used for....maybe a lip brush. We'll see.
They are so pretty with matte black and silver handles and the brush fibers have a pretty dark grey color with light grey tips or brown color with white tips. Gorge.
Feel - They are super lightweight and easy to handle.
The bristles on these brushes make me want to sit and just brush myself non stop. They are so smooth, they just melt on your skin! Love!
They are also very dense! I can already tell how well they are going to perform with applying foundation, contouring and concealer application! OMG, I'm already excited (just tapped a brush on my hand)!

Shedding - So far...none! I can see a few hairs that are longer than the rest so I'm not sure if it's just that or future shed. We'll see after I wash them.
Overall Quality - These brushes are the business! I'm in love and as soon as I finish typing this up and taking pics I'm going to give them a scrub so I can use them later this week. Then I'll be able to give a review on performance! I'm already convinced I'll love them even more.  

Royal Care Cosmetics Pro Brush Sets:  B++ pending use

Thanks so much for having this Pretty Moment with me!!! Now this one was a long one! Can you imagine if this was a video, I'd be going on for days...smh.

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