Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Reese's the Siren!

Today is a No Bueno kind of day!! I didn't get go out with my coupons like the old lady I am on the inside and I'm having withdrawals! I almost went to the Target that's 5 minutes away from me even if it is 9pm, dark, and there is guaranteed to be no parking when I come back. It's that serious! ALSO....I'm back on team #FatToFit and it's going well. I'm usually very disciplined and I really feel like losing weight is easy, keeping it off is hard. Anyway, today I had a road bump and it's actually because of my couponing addiction. I have Reese's coupons! Free candy, well why not...wait no! I know why not, cause my ass will be tempted to eat them. Sitting in my kitchen cabinet looking all good. I ate those damn Reese's candy eggs and used my dinner calories. So I had a decision to make, dry salad for dinner. Maybe a little apple cider vinegar on top....OR dinner as planned with an impromptu workout to make up for my bad behavior. Urg! Neither sounds good. The struggle is truly real and I'm still deciding.
Funny thing, I didn't even log on to write about my days mess, I actually wanted to write about something PRETTY and girly. Guess blog number two will happen right after this!

Ending this posting with this: I have so much to be grateful for and pleased with in my world, in this day even, that a slip up to those seductive ass Reese's easter egg candies is not that serious. I got this. Team #FatToFit till it's tight!

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